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FAQs | HYENA - Personalized Graphic Motocross

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Are the Graphics your own production?

Yes, our graphics are entirely produced by us so that we can ensure our products to be of the highest quality we can offer.

Is it possible to buy a single piece separately?

Yes, all you need to do is send an e-mail explaining what you need. We can do replacement too if any of your graphics are ruined

Can you install graphics on plastics for me?

We can install your graphics on plastics for an extra fee of €40,00. This service is available only in case of buying both graphics and plastics.

What are your stickers made of?

Our stickers are made of a 0,5 mm CRISTAL layer.

Do you make graphics for uncommon motorbike models?

Yes, even if you don't find your model on our interactive design tool, all you have to do is to send us an email with some photos along with any information of your motorbike model.

What are your payment methods?

You can choose between Paypal, Credit Card and Bank transfer.

Is it possible to customize further the graphics shown in the website?

Yes, all the graphics are 100% customizable, all you'll need to do is to explain your idea on the remarks section as soon as you put the graphics to the cart.

Can you copy a design that i send you?

If you're interested in a praticular design, you can send us an e-mail with photos and istructions and we will let you know if we can make it for you.

Can you put Redbull or Monster logos on your graphics?

No, we don't have permission to use those logos on our designs, unless you are sponsored or a member of a sponsored team.

How long does it take to make the graphics?

Generally, we need 24 hours to receive and process the order afterwards we need 10 to 15 working days to complete the graphics.

What countries do you ship to?

Our products are shipped worldwide, we will know your shipping rate as soon as you choose your country during the making of the order.

On the design tool i can see only a side of the graphics, does the total cost include both sides of my motorbike?

Yes, the amount you see will include both the right and the left side of the motorbike.

My motorbike has not original plastics, can you make graphics fitted for those plastics?

Yes, we can, you just have to specify the plastics model you are using on the remarks space which will appear once you will add the graphics to the cart.

Do you have any advice on how to remove your stickers?

the best way to remove an old graphic kit is to warm them with a hair dryer before removing it.

I have a shop and i would like to re-sell your products, is it possible?

It is, we constantly evaluate reselling requests, contact us at info@hyena.it, we will answer you with all the informations you need in order to become our dealer and the advantages you may get.

I'm an Influencer and i would like to promote your products on social networks

We're always searching for new collaboraions, contact us at info@hyena.it with your profile presentation, we'll find a way to make a collaboration that will satisfy both.

Can i match graphics and seat cover?

Of course, here you can take a look in the cover seat section, where you can discover models, colors, materials and prices.

Do you have stock graphics?

Because of the large variety of designs and customisation options we do not hold printed graphics in stock. Every graphics kit is made on demand.

How long will fluorescent colours last?

Fluorescent colours last about 6 months outdoors. The super thick, protective layer that gives these graphics their abrasion resistance also has UV protection to reduce the sunlight's impact on fading fluorescent colours.

Can you add KTM, Husaberg, Gas Gas o Husqvarna logos to my kit?

Yes! We are one of very few graphics companies all around the world with official KTM, HUSABERG, GAS GAS and Husqvarna Licensing, and can print their logos on your kit.

Can I track my order?

When we ship the package you will receive a tracking number which will allow you to keep an eye on your order.

I crashed and destroyed a single plate or part of a graphic kit, can I get only this piece reprinted?

Yes, the nice thing about custom graphics is the ability to print only the desired pieces of a kit.

I got my backgrounds or graphics and they do not fit?

If your graphics do not fit please call ASAP and if there are fitment issues please take pictures and email them to us. We will investigate and if we find that we used the wrong template we will warranty the graphics at no charge. If you have selected the wrong model or year, then you are held responsible for the reprint of the order.

Why do some of your competitors ship their graphics in 3/4 days?

A high quality and fully customized product made to order, a service with proven reliability and a secure shipment requires great professionalism and precision. 15 employees will work on your product starting from the design, to the production, up to the shipment. So the wait will be rewarded, as it is for over one thousand customers every month.

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