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Graphics application

Graphics application

15 febbraio 2014

Graphics application

On this page make it easy to apply our graphics on your bike.

How to attach the stickers of a motocross bike:


By following step by step these instructions for you will be just a fun and you will get a good result: 

  • First remove the old graphics.
  • In removing them it will remain some glue from plastics, to remove the glue we recommend using a cotton cloth soaked with gasoline or alcohol.
  • Wash the plastic with a degreaser or simply with soap and water, you have to wash the plastic even if they are new, finally dry them well.
  • Always work with clean hands.
  • Apply the graphic at a temperature between 15° and 25° C.
  • Do not apply the graphics using water or any type of other liquid.
  • If this is the first time for you, start to apply the simple ones, such as the fork and the fork protection, and leaves for the last side paltes and radiator shrouds, which are the larger and more complex pieces. 

Method of Application:

 1). Heat a little bit the adhesive using a regular hair dryer, only to facilitate the operation. From now on do not use it anymore, because it may create bubbles.  installazione-grafiche-motocross                

2). Place the graphics, aligning in a correct way, on the plastic, without removing the paper behind, so as to realize its position.


3). Detaches and folds a piece of silicone paper (about 3/4 cm) on the back of the adhesive.


 4). Place the graphics aligning properly on the plastic, attacking the first piece that you have opened.


5). When the alignment is correct, remove all siliconed paper from the back of the adhesive and make pressure along the lines of plastic .


6). Attacks the central part of the adhesive by applying pressure with your thumb, and continues attacking outwards.


7). If some air bubbles should remain under the sticker, try to push them out by rubbing your thumb over, or break them with a pin and press on to let the air out.

8). We recommend you to wait 24/48 hours before leaving the bike, so the glue will dry perfectly.

Click here to download the instructions in PDF 

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